Latest News

Music Distribution 

I think that from here on out, I'm just going to do most of my digital distribution on Octiive, except sites that I sell direct from like CD Baby, band camp, Reverbnation, and my website. Besides selling direct on CD Baby's website, I'm going to use them for my physical CD distribution. will get your music to 600+ digital retailers including all major ones and is great for selling physical Copies of your album, They both charge a one time fee per project, and also has a yearly subscription per artist or band for unlimited uploads. also gives you a free UPC code and free ISRC codes per track and you can use them anywhere. I can print and manufacture CDs at home too so I don't go over my budget and I can keep my CD costs down to $10 each and it'll only cost me about $2 or $3 to manufacture each disc. I buy the materials in bulk and only burn and print what I need and a few extra just in case. I don't pay for studio time, I only pay for recording equipment, guitar strings, guitar picks, and guitars as needed. I do everything else myself. I work alone so that I get all the royalties for the songs that I write. Take care now.

Material for new album 

I have enough unreleased material for a new album, but I only have 7 songs and I want between 12 and 15 songs on my album so that my fans are encouraged to purchase the entire album instead of individual tracks. I also want to fill up more disc space on a CD-R, but not go over it's storage capacity. I want to record my music without any background noise being heard in the recording while I'm singing and playing. 

My recent Life 

I've just recently started working on a new album, which is my first full length LP under the name, "Joseph K G Miller" in which I only recorded the single," "Drinkin' And Drivin'" under that name in late 2016. In the past, I've written and recorded hip hop music under the name, "Jom Rapstar" in which I have 5 albums and more than several singles under that name and I started working on a 6th Jom Rapstar album, but i scraped it because I lost interest in hip hop and got into just rock. I've also wrote and recorded an EP under the name, "Joseph Miller" called, "Hang On To Tomorrow" with just my voice and acoustic guitar. I'm currently in the market for an external audio and video interface with all the cables I need to hook up my microphone and guitar for now, a soundproof isolation box for my microphone, some cameras for broadcasting than don't have audio, and to replace my usb microphone cable as I don't want any delay in any of my recordings. I also try not to get too worked up these days because, every time I've gotten worked up in the past, I would go psychotic and that's never a good thing at all and I never want to go there again. I'll be ok as long as I keep it together though. Have a good one., 

Joseph K G Miller